Commercial Operator License Exams
for the Dallas - Fort Worth Texas Area
Updated 10/15/18 09:26
send/call updates/questions to
WR3J or 214 614 8980

As a service for the electronics and avionics community we offer FCC Commercial Operator License testing on the second Saturday of each month at 830am.

Notes: The NEW September 2017 FCC application form 605 is required for both amateur and commercial licensing. The new form has questions about qualifing for license grants. Forms dated before 2017 are not acceptable.
Commercial exams now start at 8:30AM. And we need to end before 11:30AM
Walk-ins are ok. We have space, supplies, and time available for five applicants. We can prepare for more if you let us know how many to expect from a study group or class. If you email or call, we'll be sure you have a place.

New requirement for CODE testing, you must be ready to take your code test in one setting. Not spread over months.
If we have no applicants and are not expecting any we leave around 10:15.

We can schedule a test session just about any time or place if you have available space. A breakroom, conference room, or classroom is suitable for testing.
Your FRN or SSN is required on your application. You are encouraged to register for your FRN (free) at before your first test session. Other recent FCC licenses have your FRN printed below your address. If you already have an FRN, please use it on all of your applications! But you may safely use your SSN, with no delay, and we don't keep SSNs in our files.

What to bring- black/blue pen, pencil, Two id's. One must be a picture ID, the other can be an FCC license, work id, credit card, or about anything issued in your name. A photocopy of your picture ID that we attach to your FCC application. And the cash test fee.

Credits- you must provide us with a photocopy of your signed current license for use as element credits on later applications, or endorsements. For example: MROP copy as element 1 credit for your GROL, or GROL copy as element 1 and 3 credit for your GMDSS/M, or GROL copy to add your Radar Endorsement.

We provide all other forms and will file your application with the FCC.

BE SURE YOU ARE STUDYING THE 2010 QUESTIONS for Ele 1-3-8 and 2013 QUESTIONS for Ele 7-7R-9!

Our 8:30AM test session is held in the 2nd floor cafeteria of Business Jet Center, 8611 Lemmon Ave . Go to Lemmon Ave at Lovers Lane(traffic light). The entrance is the fourth cut(left turn) northwest on Lemmon Ave, look for the three flagpoles near the top of the hill.
From the three flagpole driveway entrance, drive straight back to customer parking. The main doors are under the canopy, on the right near the airport fence.
Take the elevator to the second floor and turn left to the cafeteria. Business Jet Center is an FBO and secure FAA facility. Please stay within the public lobby and cafeteria testing area.

2018 schedule: Nov10 Dec08
Written Exam Required-
Permit, License, or Endorsement:
Application:IDRequired elements
Marine Radio Opr PermitMROPMP1
General Radiotelephone Opr License *GROLPG1, 3
Global Maritime Distress &
Safety System Radio License
Restricted Opr GMDSS /RORG1, 7R
Operator'sGMDSS /ODO1, 7
Maintainer's *GMDSS /MDM1, 3, 9
Ship Radar Endorsement for *RADAR 8
Radiotelegraph Operator's License *TT1, 6, T1, T2
Session Fee- $50, includes 2 elements, additional $25 each. All are now lifetime term
W5YI/NRE offers study material. Question pools are posted on the FCC webpage.
$25 each
- Questions -
Only study pools printed after above dates!
#Code exams on request- call/email before session
#T116 groups p/min80
#T220 words p/min100

Preferred payment is cash, and a receipt is provided. See more Commercial Licensing Information from the FCC web, including application only (no written exam) licensing that is processed directly by the FCC.

All are now lifetime licenses. FCC license processing takes about 2 weeks.
Even though FCC licenses are no longer required as in the past for some jobs, many companies still require them, use them for pay grade increases, or consider them favorably on job applications.

News / Updates:
2017 Sep NEW FCC application form 605 is required for both amateur and commercial licensing. new questions about license grants. Forms before 2017 not acceptable.
2013 Jun 03- FCC new Element 7, 7R, 9 question pools. Single lifetime "T" Radiotelegraph License, will replace T1 and T2, no photos, T3 will become MROP, no Ele 5.
2009 Jun 25- FCC approves "new" Element 1, 3, and 8 question pool rewrites. New pools must be used after 12/25/09. element 3 is now 100 questions.
2008 Mar 25- NEW licenses (except telegraph) now issued for a lifetime term. - A license that expired before March 25, 2008 must be renewed with an application to the FCC, within the five-year grace period. - A license that had not expired, as of March 25, 2008, does not have to be renewed.

Some electronics and computer stores stock study material, be sure the release dates are current!
Larry Herring,

Frequently Asked Commercial Radio Questions
Accept this email as a call-in-advance for the test session, I plan to take commercial elements 1, 3, and 8.
Email is a great way to let us know you wish to take the commercial license exams. And no risk I'll loose the used envelope I wrote your name and phone number on when you called ;-)
I want to take element 1 for a 5-year MROP license.
If you anticipate needing other commercial licenses, keep in mind that for the same fee, you may ALSO take the element 3, OR element 7 exam. Element 1 and 3 will qualify you for a lifetime GROL license. Element 1 and 7 will qualify you for a lifetime GMDSS/O license.
Is element 7R a replacement for element 7?
No, element 7R is part of the GMDSS RESTRICTED Operator license, which only covers VHF equipment. Since it also includes the MROP, it fits the needs of a near shore operator for both voice and GMDSS equipment.
What kind of calculators are permitted?
"Pre-programmed calculators are not allowed, but ordinary calculators (with memories cleared) are permitted." Avoid devices that contain or present formulas or tables.
With the new fee that includes 2 elements, can I take element 1 and come back next month and take element 3?
Sorry, both must be taken at the same session. At least you keep each element you earn.
Why do you do an MROP application, rather than just give me the Proof of Passing Certificate for element 1?
THE PPC CREDIT IS ONLY GOOD FOR 365 DAYS, or less if you loose the ORIGINAL of the PPC you were given. The MROP is good for element 1 credit for life, and is stored in the FCC database (credit easily retrievable even if you lost your original MROP)
How much are the FCC application fees, after I pass my test?
Our test fee includes filing your application with the FCC.
Describe the Telegraphy Examination Elements (FCC rules)
Element T1 - 16 code groups per minute.
Element T2 - 20 words per minute.
Telegraphy exams may consist of both transmitting and receiving tests or just a receiving test. Although the FCC rules provide that passing a telegraphy receiving examination is adequate proof of an examinee's ability to both send and receive telegraphy, a COLEM may nonetheless include a sending segment in a telegraphy examination. Examinees must copy by ear and, if subject to a sending test, send by hand plain text and code groups in the international Morse code using all the letters of the alphabet, numerals 0-9, period, comma, question mark, slant mark, and prosigns AR, BT, and SK. Examinees must copy and send at the required speeds for one continuous minute without making any errors. Each test lasts approximately five minutes. The failing of any code test automatically terminates the examination. Code speeds are computed using five letters per word or code group. Punctuation symbols and numbers count as two letters each.
What are "code groups" used in T1?
Sensitive air and sea communications required encryption before being sent over the air. Two methods created letters or letters and numbers that were then sent in groups of 5 characters. Our about five minute test starts and ends with three V's and contains about 64 groups of 5 random letters and numbers. Including the punctuation and prosign characters required by the FCC rules.
What is used in T2?
Our about five minute test starts and ends with three V's and is a plain language message like a typical safety advisory. It contains all the characters required by the FCC rules.
Can I use a headset or will you just put a set of speakers on the table?
Our code test equipment has a wired distribution system with chained boxes. Each box has 2 individual level controls and connectors for 2 individual headsets. We provide small over-the-head GE stereo headsets. You may use your headset if you can adapt to our 1/8" stereo jack and present about a 25 ohm load.